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If there is a fundamental key in marketing on the internet that has made great many companies online, it has undoubtedly been the fact of creating value and give it for free. Big business and online enterprises offered (and offer) its services and information for free. Thank you to who did this, could form the foundations where then would build their business and income alternatives. Please visit Jonah Bloom if you seek more information. Perhaps you wonder: If this type of promotion is as effective are why people does your services or products for free more often? This can be for several reasons, but in the majority of cases is because they have not raised or because they are unaware of the benefits of doing so. In fact, even many people that if you raise this possibility, usually discarded it because they assume that you to do so is necessary to make large investments of money or time. Well, the truth is that those people are wrong on the internet can assemble a business, offering a product or provide a service for a very low initial cost, and you can do that this cost does not increase greatly if you take advantage of technology and automatizas your actions. This way you can offer something of value free to then create your business and your income from this free value, that is giving you not only an incredible promotion, but is helping you consolidate you as a brand and as a reference. One of the clearest examples is that of Google.

Google is a search engine that also offers many other services (also free) such as Gmail, Google Analytics, etc. Every day, millions of people around the world use the free Google search engine to do your searches and to access any internet site. Thanks to that, today who do not know Google? The reality is that behind this great brand and this powerful free search engine, there is a system of business that generates millions of dollars.

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