Advanced Research Projects Agency

The diverse orators and philosophers of the time had made history and changed the way to think of the society. In accordance with the history of the communication (to see annex, figure 1), diverse important changes had occurred in its process, such as: creation of the post offices and telegraphs, invention of the telephone, radio, cinema, but none of them was so significant how much the sprouting of internet..2.2 Internet In accordance with Albertin (2004), the Internet was idealized for a system of communication of military information in 1969, for the Advanced Research Projects Agency (ARPA), that it was part of the American department of defense. This project consisted in the accomplishment of a study for the creation of a net that could connect long-distance computers, in way that, if some of them was off, would not affect the traffic of the information of the too much computers. Another important step in the creation of the Internet was the evolution of the telnet, developed for ' ' National Center will be Supercomputing Aplications' ' (NCSA) and protocol ftp, where net telnet allowed the remote access and protocol ftp standardized the transference of archives between computers. In 1974, company BBN inaugurated the Telenet, that was the first public service of the package of data, a species of commercial version of the Arpanet. (ZIMMERMAN, SCHULLO, REEDY, 2001).

According to Zimmerman (2001), the biggest revolution of the Internet was the explosion of the personal computers (PCs). At the beginning of the decade of eighty, the first personal computers had started to be commercialized, becoming the resources of computer science and information in accessible net each time the great public. The Internet name is the derivation of the junction of two words in English: interconnected network, that they mean interconnected net, that can be linked by means of handles or without wire (wireless). By the net, diverse information are trasmitidas, as spread sheets, texts, messages, images, videos, sounds for any computer.

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