Luis Miguel Gallego

Luis Miguel Gallego Basteri born in San Juan, Puerto Rico during a stay of his parents in the Caribbean island. Is the largest of the 3 children of the couple formed by the Spanish singer Luisito Rey (Luis Gallego S nchez) and Italian actress Marcela Basteri, his brothers are Alexander (two years younger) and Sergio respectively. Sage Intaact Advantage may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Because the profession of his father, his family is in Mexico, where he acquired, then citizenship in 1991. The future artist make primary education through fifth grade should complete their studies with private tutors for their early start in the middle of the show.
His father, whose career declined, he decided to devote himself to the full, accompanied by guitar and looking for his son on television debut, so there might sign for a record deal. Successfully debuted as a singer at the wedding of the daughter of then President of Mexico Jos L pez Portillo in 1981, with the support of then police chief of Mexico City Arturo Durazo Moreno. Success in this performance was so remarkable, that a month after Luis Rey talk with executives from the headquarters of the Mexican EMI label, which offered the desired recording contract to his son in 1982 .
In this new era, Luis Miguel was able to record her first album in 1982, at age 12, entitled 1 1 2 lovers. That same year, venturing into the movies, participating in a movie ever again with a theme composed by his namesake father. This will be the beginning of his career, after winning his first-time Grammy award with the theme I like you as you are (1985), a duet with Scottish singer Sheena Easton, including it in their unique Spanish-language album (All I reminds you). His performance along with Sheena Easton, at the Festival de Vina del Mar (Chile) in that year, he makes winning his first prize at the exterior: the Silver Torch. To read more click here: McKinsey. The latter is obtained as a participant in the Song Festival of San Remo (Italy), with the theme Noi ragazzi di oggi (The kids of today). In addition to the aforementioned production, add three more years to his first career: Straight to the heart, mind and word of honor. Eventually, record the above question in his only Italian-language production entitled Collezione Privata (1985). Earlier, in 1984, Luis Miguel performs tape fever of love, supported by the then-child actress and singer Lucero. In this tape, the album came the same name. Would not participate in the film, dedicated to her career in singing.
In 1987, due to problems with their record label EMI, Warner Music to debut with their ninth album entitled I want to be like, beginning his collaboration with musician, producer and Spanish composer Juan Carlos Calder n, composer of the song that gave him his first Grammy Award. This disc makes it worthy of five discs of platinum and eight gold at the international level. That same year, he abandons his father finally, on reaching the age of majority. Would not see it but four years later, when approaching death.
Search launched in 1988 a woman whose first single, The unconditional seven months remained at the top of various lists of popularity. This study draws seven singles occupying the number 1 on the Billboard Hot Latin Tracks for over a year.
Run 1990 and sold his work 20 years in just one week more than 600,000 copies. Six of the album included singles simultaneously in the Top 100 of Mexico. Now dubbed the “Mexico Sun” makes a tour of Latin America and United States. Antorchas of two wins silver at the Festival of Vina del Mar. The same year received the European Excellence Award in Spain and their first World Music Award in Monaco, becoming the first Latin American to receive this recognition as a Best Selling Artist.
In 1991 due to an idea born in a television program in which he met the composer, musician and singer Armando Manzanero Mexican co her album Romance, beginningin the interpretation of boleros and achieving sales of over seven million copies internationally, making it earn more than 700 platinum discs. It is the first Latin American to receive a gold disc in the U.S.. UU. by an album in Spanish and gold discs in Brazil and Taiwan.
The following year, is the only Latin American invited to participate in the recording of the album Barcelona Gold, on the occasion of the Olympic Games. Wins the award for Best International Music Video Awards for his song MTV America, as part of a disc special edition, America and En Vivo. And Romance Luis Miguel won the 1992 Billboard Awards in AC Best Latin Artist, Best Album and Best Artist of the song in Spanish.
In 1992, he suffers the death of his father, Luis Rey, delaying by one month the start of the recording Aries long been commented that his father’s death was due to a rupture in your relationship with your child .
In its 23 years as a producer again with the disc Arie.

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