How To Ask For A Raise

As a result of the increases of the cost of living, we feel the need to earn more money, but we always ask ourselves how we can get it and how we inform our boss about our need. Well, then we suggest some useful tips for this.

Before the request for salary increase, you must make sure the company is in excellent economic situation and that his boss is in a position to grant the increase . Compare your salary in relation to similar positions in the company that is working now and other companies. For example, if you are a supermarket cashier investigate the salary of his fellow tellers and ATMs of other supermarkets. This way you can determine if you are earning below the average. If you are earning average or above, will be more difficult to be granted its request for increase.

Try your request is made through an intermediary who is to be a superior to you, but has the same level of hierarchy to his boss so as not to see that you have gone over it Have that person give positive information about their work. This person can tell you about the concept with his boss about his work and if it is unfavorable, you will have the opportunity to overcome their deficiencies and wait for another opportunity to request the increase as desired. Wait the appropriate time when your boss is in a good mood, especially the morning (and the first day of Week is) are more favorable, because as you go through the day, your boss will, overwhelming problems and their mood be unavailable.

If the business is small or does not trust the people with whom they work, will have no choice but to request the increase directly to your boss. To do this, must do the following: o Wait a moment to talk to his boss. It is best to be early morning, because as the day goes to the head can be overwhelming and is less accessible to grant an increase. or when seeking a raise, take a natural attitude and moderate without this meaning to act in a weak way. For example, you tell your boss that if he can grant an increase would greatly appreciate it, but if it is granted him does not mean he will step down to work or to adopt a negative attitude in regard to work and if, at the time, can not agree to your request, you trust that the salary increase at the first opportunity he has.

Do not threaten. Remember that it is he who has the power. If he loses confidence in you, find someone to replace it. Highlight the time or who has been working with his boss, his responsibility at work and their performance as workers within the company. But before you convince him, you should feel confident that you can perform the job with greater capacity than anyone else and that’s based on you request the increase they deserve.

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