World Automotive Reverses

Traditional, held in January 2009, the Detroit Auto Show – NAIAS (North American International Auto Show) showed that energy-saving and environmental technologies in the automotive industry come to the fore. Hopes of oil producing countries (including including Russia) to the increasing trends in oil prices may well remain a distant dream, at least, the historical maximum in the summer of 2008 $ 147 per barrel, hardly will now be made. In the world automobile soon become "." Probably, the most advanced positions in the new branch will occupy the Chinese automakers. At the auto show detroyskom Chinese electric car brand presented model BYD E6, they plan to put in a series since mid 2009goda. Dimensions of novelty, are as follows: length – 4.554 m and the width and height – 1.822 and 1.630 m, respectively. Under the hood, five-seat crossover mounted electric motor power of 268 horsepower, allowing BYD E6 accelerate to 'hundreds' of eight seconds. Maximum speed – 160 kilometers per hour.

Cruising range is about E6 400 kilometers. Completely from the usual outlets batteries charged per hour (80% Charging is achieved in a quarter of an hour). BYD representatives also point out that all the chemical components used in batteries can be recycled. Estimated cost no more than $ 16 600. For the development of production electric cars come from virtually every country, is a pioneer in the automotive industry.

Six months before the release of the series has remained an American sedan and elektrosportkaru Chryler 200C Dodge Circuit EV, equipped with 200 – kilowatt electric motor, overclocking the its up to 100km / h in just 5 seconds and allow to reach 200km/chas. Recharging Dodge, as well as Chinese E6, from the usual outlets. The maximum cruising range is 320km. The BMW Group introduced the electric MINI E, and Japanese Toyota introduced the Prius hybrid with a 134 – strong unit, consisting from 1.8 petrol engine and electric motor. The new model is spending 100 km 4.7litrov gasoline. Leading companies worldwide automotive industry have decided to emerge from the crisis with the help of electric vehicles, all companies are keen to launch electric vehicles in the series in 2009. The new models not only save on traditional fuels, but can achieve savings of structural steel, as Each model in the third consists of plastics. It seems to commodity-dependent countries in the world market (oil and metallopostavlyayuschih) come to really hard times. Yuri Chashin

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