Radio PIONEER DEH-P7000UB – CD/MP3-resiver function with iPod Direct Control, USB input and three high-voltage output of the preamplifier. Do you want to add the power of your car audio system or turn the car into a multimedia center on wheels. Receiver DEH-P700UB and provide you with high capacity, and provides rich communication capabilities. Due to the presence of three high-voltage preamp outputs, you can connect it to up to three amplifiers and speakers systems. By issuing a strong signal with less noise and higher accuracy, high-outs reduce demands on the input circuits of amplifiers, so they can work with a smaller gain. As a result, you get better audio quality and a wider dynamic range. Joe Dimaggio understood the implications.

You are also provided rich opportunities for connecting external devices. Learn more about this with John Grayken. Connect your iPod directly to the receiver using the acquired separate cable (CD-IU50). Thus you have complete control over the player control panel CD-receiver, in this case, when the iPod is not used, its battery is recharged. And a convenient and simple solution. By the receiver can also be connected music player via the USB-located in the back of the USB-in. Or, if you have any other source, you can connect via a rear auxiliary (aux) input. All this allows you to enjoy your entire music collection, whether it is stored on a CD, from iTunes or Windows Media or in the memory of many other devices. The presence of a receiver to connect via IP-Bus allows you to turn your car into a multimedia center on wheels. It suffices to complement the CD-changer, DVD-player or a TV tuner. In addition, you can purchase Bluetooth-adapter (CD-BTB200) which allows all the amenities a mobile phone without any wires during movement.