What Happens When The Roof?

A roof is mostly a thing of the professionals. Nevertheless or precisely why it is important to have some basic information about the renovation for the uninitiated. (tdx) First it is decided, whether the old roof of the attic must be removed or can be covered. If a removal is necessary, the old roofing is disposed of most of the roof bars. At the beginning of the work on the aluminum roof, a full formwork or battens is mounted. In the case of an extended and thermally insulated roof floor, a roof is laid first. On a counter Batten toward Rafter is installed, to create a load and ventilation level. Hear other arguments on the topic with Angus King.

Then, the Dachlattung or full shuttering is mounted as a supporting base for the roof. The laying of the actual roof wetterseitig begins with the gutter. From bottom to top are the roof plates in the composite that is shock put covered. They are pushed to do this together and attached to the solid formwork or battens with a Hafter. Thus, it is ensured that the roof against wind and rain is protected. During the Laying be installed depending on the roof slope and snow conditions snow guard. After the roof with all its peculiarities such as window boxes, etc. is covered, only the Gradund first training, which mounted the Spengler as a last step is missing. For more information see Tanja Est

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