Wedding Business

Magic Day approaching, it's time to talk about wedding makeup! Especially that shine on their own holiday you will have quite a long time! Makeup is not accidentally shared on the day and evening, business, holiday and wedding. If the daily make-up does not require a large number of cosmetics in the evening it can be more striking, as calculated by the evening light, elegant bathroom, an appropriate atmosphere. Pastel colors, slightly tinted brow and eye lashes, cheeks, lips, make a person much more spectacular and more natural. However, wedding makeup can be done in a certain style. Using makeup depends on your taste, individual characteristics. Wedding makeup foundation is that it must be something in between day and night makeup. Wedding make-up should emphasize your true beauty. Wedding Make-up – this is the main component in the form of a bride.

Makeup must blend in with the bride's dress, with its style and character. Before choice of wedding make-up is necessary to consider where and what time will be a wedding celebration. If you're planning a wedding in the daytime, the bridal make-up should be carried out in Bedding colors, if victory is scheduled for evening hours, the makeup is best carried out in bright, saturated colors. Most importantly, bridal make-up was stable, because you have a lot to make this beautiful day and kisses, and tears, maybe even a stuffy hall wedding, it is likely that the street can start the rain, so you need to be ready for anything.

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