Warcraft III

Hello everyone: beginners and not so! In this section I would like to tell you about a very popular card right now for Warcraft III.Dota-allstars – a multiplayer map (5×5 players) is designed for team play. Map is interesting because it is very clearly expressed the need for the team. Dota-allstars can teach a batch mode of thinking. Initially, you asked to choose one of the many different characters (there are over 79), each of which is good in its own way. His (the hero) you're ahead, as lodestar. In this difficult task will help you a grand on number and structure of the offerings you artifacts. Initially, you will not have the money to buy up all that is available in stores, but for the first time that you enough. Money earned by a slightly different way than in the standard of Warcraft.

Here, the main source of money is the military, which translated into English and then WarCraft. This means that cleaning card from the aggressive tuned units and heroes of other clans, you earn money. But you are not alone! As was already said a team card, then you can help, and you'll be helping the other heroes. Also involved in the war units of your clan, but they and their features will be discussed later.

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