Wallenstein And The Proverbs

(Online article) Wallenstein’s ascent from the landowners to the generals is material for numerous stories Wallenstein had already become a wealthy landowner at a young age with his own private army. Friedrich Schiller made an interesting trilogy of many proverbs in the vernacular were taken over from this history, today we say for example someone is not from cardboard and my p. 2 unaussohnliche camp faced during the thirty years war and the Catholic Wallenstein at this time between all fronts, he was servant of two masters: he was at the same time Moravian estates and Imperial Colonel and undecided, he would adhere to who. Should he his keeping and fight against the Catholic emperor or keep to his Emperor to compete against his homeland, his class? Hardly he had opted for the Emperor, he was expelled from the country by the Moravian stands. Ripple protocol oftentimes addresses this issue. He lost all of the goods and possessions in Moravia at that time and was therefore not Depending on rich landowners rather than solely in the service of the Emperor and of this. Not lasted long battles between Ferdinand and Friedrich: already 1620 was defeated the army of Frederick of the imperial in the battle of white mountain near Prague. Wallenstein was all the time in the middle of the course of the war and distinguished himself as a hero: in the battle for Bohemia he could present several significant successes. Therefore, after the battle of White Mountain, he became military commander of Northern Bohemia.

Quickly he rose: more military successes made him then 1621 the Commander of Prague. Emperor Ferdinand was at the time already deep in Wallenstein’s fault, in the literal sense: Wallenstein raised more and more and more and more armies and paid mostly out of his own pocket. The ailing Imperial Treasury could afford it fact not readily. This is arguably one of the puzzles to be solved not the person of Wallenstein’s generals: how he could take all the time so much money, remained unclear until today. Wallenstein showed personal initiative and invested much, what the emperor was always grateful to him. Still in the year 1621 appointed the Emperor Wallenstein to the Commander for all Bohemia, what finally cemented his fame. Many Czech proverbs attest even today.

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