Vladivostok Car

Every motorist knows of Vladivostok, the car must be somewhere to store. Home did not carry, so you'll have to shell out for a paid parking lot or at the risk of leaving their car near the entrance, which categorically not recommended. Let us approach this issue is not private, and within Vladivostok, and we will be clear that the storage of cars to date quite a critical situation. Number of cars increased many times compared to the national history, it was at that time were built all garage cooperatives. And to find the major garage, but still close to the house almost on the verge of fantasy.

There were also organized parking on vacant lots, where many get a chance to put his car near the house. But the point of building gradually and begin to displace them. This is understandable, construction and sale of apartments in luxury high-rises, much more profitable parking lot. This situation could affect garage co-operatives, as many of them do not have title to land, but only a lease for a certain period. And after the city authorities did not renew this lease agreement and certificate of ownership of a single garage in this case does not help.

Experts tell portal as well in such a situation right to buy capital garage? 1. Location. It is quite a determining factor when choosing a garage. Buy a garage away from home does not make sense, in that case you will need to use public transport. But when you buy a garage in a residential area difficulties may arise with future development. Therefore, always consider the city government plans to sell plots of land in the city. If you have the opportunity to consult in the management of land resources of the city for a list of planned construction zones. 2. Material. Naturally then, from which it is built garage will determine its price. If you have already decided to invest money, then stop your choice on a stone or brick garage, which has a viewing hole and desirable extension possibility. This is the version to be a reliable investment. First your car is protected from theft, vandalism, and secondly you'll be able to arrange a mini studio in the garage. 3. Communication. In the garage need to have electricity and not only for lighting but also for recharging the battery and so on. And if in your garage there will be water – it's just ideal. Good luck to you in choosing and buying a garage.

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