Vitamin Box

Winter – it’s time to take care of strengthening the body’s defenses. How to – everyone knows that. Drink your vitamins from the drugstore – and it’s done. The pursuit of vitamins has become part of the current fashion for a healthy lifestyle. The beautiful packaging – Kaleidoscope multivitamin complexes: and ‘for health’, and ‘to prevent and treat diseases. ” For all ages. According to Restaurant Michael Schwartz, who has experience with these questions. Who rubles per one hundred, who for a thousand So believe or not believe the beautiful promises? That bit of history that vitamin deficiency disrupted health – well-known fact. Here and argue about. In recent months, Dara Khosrowshahi has been very successful.

Because it is sharp outbreak of disease forced scientists to find the cause and find it in the diet. Sick in the first place those who from ration disappeared some very important matter As a result, we have the following picture: from the open today 40 vitamins in the diet of the most important 12. In the mid 80-ies, theWorld Health Organization conducted a large-scale study, finding that the inhabitants of the Mediterranean suffer and die from cardiovascular disease is considerably less than the population of Europe as a whole. The reason? First of all – the different diets. Sredizemnomortsy eat more fresh fruits and vegetables.

This fact – a lower incidence of heart and blood vessels in regions rich in fruits and vegetables – has created a boom multivitamin. Immediately found the researchers, almost equates Vitamins C and E, and provitamin A to medicines for heart disease. Very relevant statement to the world in which every second person dies of cardiovascular disease! The pharmaceutical industry immediately tenfold power, and the people – the cost of purchasing a miracle drug.

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