Unio Democrtica Nacional

He remained active until the eves of falecer, in Macei, 27 of November of 1983. It was married Helena Quintela Brando Vilela, with who had seven children. Description Politician In 1948, filiou it Unio Democrtica Nacional (UDN), exerting the mandate between February of the following year and January of 1959. In 1960, he was elect lieutenant governor of Alagoas, in the plate of udenista general Lus Cavalcante, for the understood period of 1961-1966. In 1966, it was candidatou senator for National the Renovadora Alliance (ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING), left of the situacionista base, assuming the chair in February of the following year. He was reeleito in the lawsuit of November of 1974, one of few arenistas that had obtained to be elect for the Senate when until then Movimento Brazilian Democrtico (MDB) obtained to choose sixteen senators and ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING only six, an smashing victory of the opposition leading at that time the military government to create the figure of the binico senator. In day 25 of April of 1979, it left the ENCLOSURE FOR BULLFIGHTING and it entered oposicionista Party MDB and, later, if it filiou to the Party of Movimento Brazilian Democrtico (PMDB). When receiving, in September of 1979, the heading of Paulistano Citizen granted for the City council of So Paulo, explains its devotion for the freedom: ' ' Citizen of Viosa de Alagoas, of the outskirts of the Mountain range of the Two Brothers, one of the last redoubts of the War of the Palmares, living creature contemplating the image of Zumbi, I feel the routes of the dreams and the heat to it of the blood libertrio.' ' In 1980, with the end of the bipartisanism and the sprouting of diverse parties of opposition in Brazil, Teotnio preferred filiar it Party of the Brazilian Democratic Movement, the PMDB, considered the continuator of dead person MDB, becoming one of the most important names of the legend.

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