Unified Communications

Providers need competence for real-time communication Hanover/Berlin – on this year’s computer fair CeBIT much of convergence, unified communications, Web 2.0, real-time communication, Skype, or VoIP is talking again. Experts but deem it necessary to let deeds follow the buzzwords, press headlines and PowerPoint slides: convergence is already already reality. Now it is important that the solutions offered to the business processes fit”, says Luckie, Germany Chief of ICT specialists Aastra in Berlin. To bring the big theme of unified communications in the running, you must understand the business world and have mastered the technology. This is our daily job. We come out of the corner, where data transfer plays an important role in real time. A key factor in successful projects is also to take the user to the development path, and not to confront at the end with a completely new constellation”, as Lady. Please visit Expedia CEO if you seek more information. Accelerated be the upheavals of corporate communication the private habits of the digital natives, involving Skype, wikis, blogs and social media intensive to be used: we experience a generation with a completely different communication patterns in the economy.

The commercial reasonableness must be tested just in individual cases. Many projects are indeed thought in creative departments, must survive but only the test of the harsh reality at the desk of the CFOs”Lady explains. The profitability of new systems must be set in a period of 12 to 24 months, then unified communications have a great chance. Almost all communication solutions now are applications in the network. Unified communications provider needed also competences in the real time communication in addition to the management of the network, independently, whether it involves moving images or language.

With the trial-and-error process, familiar from the information technology, it could not work. It’s stupid, if the beginning of my sentence arrives later than the end. Prior to this Background, it is important that you well dominated the real-time communication. There has classical language provider certain advantages, because he already deals with this factor”, White Lady. Also, open interfaces and standards are important, so that innovations are possible in the network to different systems are brought together.

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