Understanding the Intellectual Underpinnings of Capitalism

And even stronger than the physical values are the spiritual values like love, truth, charity.The philosopher Max Scheler has pointed out that as they in turn are divided into: Aesthetics, Legal, and unbridled capitalism Intellectuals.Hay examples of natural phenomena to which they will attack wonders shaking with astrophysicists and power despite recent demonstrations that their agony is known in times historicos.El next golden age of Pericles is the important story of good governance, seeking happiness that people usually deserve. Supported by Aspacia of Miletus woman of great beauty, which had a unique culture. Their struggle was always to liberate women from the confinement that helena was the custom. He became host of the house of Pericles, where characters were quoted as Sophocles, Euripi-des, Phidias, Anaxagoras and Protagoras, Socrates, that constituted the so-called “ring of Aspasia.” Its projected organizational genius and recognized a great country with solemn respect for the world then and today. It was based on education and justice, beyond the economy for the great works, compliance policies are called commitments, etc. ..

They sought experts in training teachers for their idiosyncrasies pushing young people who came to rule the destinies of Greece and created the future disciplines centers in knowledge. The structure of justice in Greece was characterized by the lack of unity of the courts, with different types, and their competition because each addressed various issues. Click Mike Gianoni to learn more. The wise Greeks came to the decision to establish tribunals such as the Areopagus, composed of notables, in addition to matters of paramount political importance, were responsible for serious cases against the state and violent crimes, especially homicides intentioned.

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