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De Waschkusch from Bonn will inform its customers the technological revolution of the last century has completely changed the image of domestic work. Strenuous and time consuming activities were made obsolete by new equipment or at least significantly easier. The textile experts of Bonn laundry de Waschkusch inform about current attempts to automate the sorting of laundry. The traditional, strenuous laundry care is a historical relic. Washing and drying machines, modern detergents and ironing stations have fundamentally changed this part of the House work with few exceptions. A such, untouched for centuries by all relief activity is sorting and folding laundry. Researchers at the University of Berkeley contact the aim here to remedy the situation.

The experts for robot technology are long attempting to use modern robot technology for everyday applications, and as far as possible to automate the household work. The Finally through an effective automation to facilitate laundry sorting, the researchers took advantage of the flexible platform of the PR2 robot from Willow garage. He had been used as multi function platform so far for domestic applications of dubious benefit, for example, picking up a bottle of beer or play billiards. The experts of the UC Berkeley College of engineering conveyed a really useful everyday employment the PR2 robot through extensive programming work for the first time. Thanks to their efforts, the modern household robots now has the ability pairs of socks suitable to sort and put together. This application of the PR2 robot shows a possible way in the future of financial management. However, the technology is still in the prototype phase and is unique improvement, comparing them with the human original. The automated detection, sorting and merging works only for socks by a programmed design.

With all other clothing brands of household helpers don’t know to begin. Also, the pace of work of the robot leaves a lot to be desired. He used to put together a single pair of socks up to a quarter of an hour. Thus, the work of the American teams of researchers is unfortunately still not very practical, if interesting and perhaps future. Certainly proves the commitment of serious scientists however: the facilitation of domestic work and in particular the treatment of textiles is still a major concern. The textile care probably to long time, the commitment of the people depends in everyday conditions. In Bonn, the laundry de Waschkusch employees work tirelessly for a professional textile service. In their capable hands, the valuable textiles of private and commercial customers are professionally cleaned and maintained. Folding a pair of socks here takes a quarter of an hour guaranteed, because it is the declared aim of de Waschkuschs, to provide excellent, cheap and fast textile service to every customer, regardless of whether it The modification, maintenance or cleaning work goes.

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