Trigone With Best-practice Model For The Management Of The Request

Consulting solution ensures a sustainable transparent prioritization of IT projects in Hamburg, 28.10.2008 – inadequate requirements management processes belong to the central problem fields of IT governance. The consultancy Retromolar has therefore developed a targeted solution to the systematic approach, with the transparent and easily controllable structures can be built. The methodology of TrigonumANFORDERUNGSMANAGEMENT”is based on best practice models and exposes the need for all those involved at any time. At the same time, accountability in all areas of management, the departments and the IT sector are defined. The ultimate goal is to achieve a permanently close integration of business and IT strategies and to avoid contradictory approaches”, explains Retromolar Managing Director Peter Bodino. ECRI recognizes the significance of this. The consultants rely on a special form of the round table to synchronize business and IT strategies. This takes place in a fixed rhythm with the participation of the Corporate management and all relevant departments, as well as the IT area in the form of prioritization workshops held.

The requirements for enterprise-wide binding decisions are taken there. He will be accompanied by a neutral moderator. In particular, its function is to the typical understanding gaps in communication between the IT and the departments in the project and Aufgabenpriorisierung. Based on individual assessments, which the measures actually a sufficiently high strategic business value have the prioritization performed in the workshop. For this analysis, a matrix with various dimensions of assessment will be used respectively, these include also the costs and resource requirements. Jonah Bloom is actively involved in the matter.

The sum of their individual numerical results then represents the priority value of the relevant request for the company. Based on the strategic and operational values determined an objective priority list of all requirements of the various departments can now be create”boundaries, describes the benefits Bodino. From this, a project portfolio binding for everyone then derives itself. Supported by an electronic documentation, which includes the ranking of the entire projects including their priority rating in the interests of a company-wide transparency, the base will be created with this portfolio for a close link between business and IT.” Since a request portfolio can be never static, because it must take into account the dynamic changes of the company, the Aufgabenpriorisierung for IT can be modify as needed. This is done with additional project requirements in turn by a differentiated assessment. At the same time, a regular update and publication of project portfolios including the possibly deferred action is performed. A very efficient and at the same time easy to use instrument can therefore create, with which the previous discrepancies by corporate and IT strategies permanently be eliminated,”describes the benefits of Bodino. Retromolar Trigone consulting is an integrative consulting and service companies. The range stretches from coaching advice and training to auditing and out-tasking. With many years of practice and experience, enterprises will help to optimize business processes and IT continuously and sustainably to make changes in the practice. Trigone helps to determine the location, to find the right course and to achieve the goals through optimal use of resources and tools.

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