Training Speed

In our case, these words: wood, steam engine, the letter. Write to the plate, as shown below. Next, call signs, which can characterize the values of these words. For example, a tree: a large, green, fragrant, dry, growing, crying, and so on. picture of a tree of great character engine heavy capital green iron capitalized fragrant Printed quick dry smoky fun growing roaring crying sooty black color then formed to draw attention to a couple of words: a picture – large, picture – a green, picture – a capital; picture – fragrant and TE Let's as if it were true. A good bunch of picture – fragrant. Idea: add a different color flavors, odors are can transmit emotions and mood of the artist. Painting – crying.

Remember weeping icons. The idea: to make a picture so that when certain weather conditions in certain areas going to the condensate. It turns more and picture – the barometer. Try it for yourself to do the same operation, and you'll be pleasantly surprised by the flow of original ideas that you visit! Of course, many ligaments and will remain "blank", but we need just one good idea. Much can be found on the Training Speed reading superpamyat creativity kharkov When you do this exercise several times, the need to draw a table will disappear. The main essence of: you deliberately substituting certain words, or manipulating their values in order to obtain a bright image of an original idea. In this case, short phrases you will have to give way to bright images, which leads to a harmonization of the hemispheres, and induces a state of inspiration.

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