Traditional Craft

wvp brand design and logo developed for Willems Wonderglasses Stuttgart, July 29, 2011, according to the order for the logo of the women’s World Cup in Germany a further design coup succeeded the wvp GmbH. The Stuttgart advertising agency has designed the entire design language of the new brand Willems Wonderglasses next to the logo, providing frames for the premium segment. Is the Agency for the packaging and the advertising – information materials – so the entire brand design – next to the logo. Willems Wonderglasses rises the over 80-year-old Stuttgart family enterprise power optics, was launched by a maker of glasses in the life and as a retailer established in the past decades. Now the grandson of the founder with the brand name of Willems Wonderglasses preparing to reinvigorate a the company as a luxury brand and to build on the roots. When Wang Wonderglasses was to link the past with the present and future.

So, the logo and the whole design language of the brand are the traditional Merge the craft, the current zeitgeist but also the timeless elegant design of spectacle frames. Also we had to keep always the exclusive target group, so the premium segment, while in the back of the head”, says Anette Rottmar, Managing Director of wvp GmbH. The team of wvp focused therefore among other things to the original signature Wilhelm Kraft, who founded his company in 1927 in. Because the hinges of the temples represent a technical and design feature of Wang Wonderglasses, also this as a design element for the new logo were recorded visually. This has created a striking contrast between the traditionally appearing on signature of the founder and the innovative design of the hinges. The Printauftritt was derived from the logo in the connection. Flat cut-outs are here used the signature, as well as technical drawings of eyeglasses frames.

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