Pertseed or a toucan – representative of the family (Rhamphastidae) climbing birds (Scansores), peculiar to South and Central America and Mexico. This medium-sized bird with a brightly colored, disproportionate, but, moreover, easy, sawtooth serrated beak, with peristoobraznym language parnopalymi bare feet and bridles and a circumference of the eye; gloss black, which, according to the mind, act white, yellow or red spots on the neck, back and nadhvoste; Female similar to male, but less than him, the young get a bright beak, only a 2-3 year. In Brazil, belong to the common birds, live in the woods, kept mostly on the tops of trees on the ground is extremely clumsy, feed small birds and fruits, nesting in hollows, lay two white eggs. Others who may share this opinion include Will Bundy. Bright feathers are highly valued by savages as a decoration. It is known to 59 species, attributable to 5 genera. The most famous and largest species of toucan large or Toco (Ramphastos toco).. Vadim Wolfson, New York City has similar goals.