The Use Of Neckties In Men

Neckties are a very important within mens clothing, since it ends to a male dress to give it a masculine elegance that go according to the event that has to go. For this you have to know which is the best way to tie a knot, since but there is knowledge about this subject, all the money that can be spent in a very expensive model may not be leveraged. Accessories of fashion in this sense are very diverse as affordable prices can be found and others that come from the most elite field. There are too many male designers who is behind this add-on. Each of them tries to instill his style to make a difference with the rest. The time that is used for the creation of a necktie is half an hour, whereas this time in the hands of a craftsman of Ermenegildo Zegna, the Italian fashion company most important that there is in the world, which is celebrating 100 years at present. While it seems easy because the minutes of dedication are very scarce, there is that Note that before you can perform the first each worker receives a training period of one year.

Finally, there is mention that a traditional tie consists of three parts: the shovel, the back and neck. Once the three parts in the chosen fabric have been cut they have to cook longitudinally. Then, inside, a cloth of wool and cotton that gives consistency to the piece is inserted. This whole procedure is crafted by hand in Ermenegildo Zegna, without the collaboration of any machine that will facilitate the tasks. Original author and source of the article

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