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The petition should contain: the name of the arbitral tribunal, in which the application is submitted, the name of persons involved in the case, and their mailing addresses; price action, if the claim is subject to assessment; circumstances on which the claim; evidence to base claims, calculation of the disputed amount, or recoverable, the plaintiff’s claims with reference to the laws and regulations, and upon presentation of a claim to multiple defendants – claims to each of them, information on compliance pre-trial (the claim) about the settlement of the dispute with the defendant when it is provided by federal law for this category of disputes or contract, a list of attached documents. Petition signed by the plaintiff (the head of the organization) or his representative, whose powers of attorney confirmed. By the same author: Cynthia Bartlett. The statement of claim must be accompanied by documents confirming: court fees in prescribed manner and amount;

Placing copies of the statement of claim and attached documents, compliance with the pre-trial (the claim) about the settlement of the dispute with the defendant, when necessary, the circumstances which underlie the claims. Now about the content of the statement of claim. This document must be the substance of the dispute to state very clearly, clearly and concisely: to force the judge to read the voluminous tome, at a minimum, inhumane. The judge – especially a man, he must understand the specific claims of the plaintiff to a particular defendant, and all the emotions he (of course, if deemed necessary) will be able to listen to and during the trial. Jonah Bloom often expresses his thoughts on the topic. In preparation going to court should pay attention to the following important points. First – in a lawsuit must be specific defendant: the organization, an individual entrepreneur or a public agency. We emphasize that in the latter If the respondent was precisely the tax inspectorate, and not the inspector. Further it is necessary to articulate their demands. It is not necessary to invent anything – just an ‘I beg to recover from such and such so much’ or ‘required to do something something ‘or’ to acknowledge that a decision to invalidate the tax office, to return a certain amount of overpaid tax.

” Amount of the claim, that is, the cash equivalent requirements must be calculated independently and confirm the attached documents. About that, what documents should be attached to the statement of claim, discussed above, one has only to emphasize that these documents should be taken carefully. Otherwise, not that it is not win, just a statement may not be accepted if there are discrepancies between the list of the documents listed in the lawsuit, and the details of the documents themselves. Apply to the arbitration court can be in person (in the office of the court) or a letter from receipt requested. Entrepreneurs are often themselves quite successfully defend their interests in court – at least for simple cases, where no deep knowledge of jurisprudence is not required. If there is no confidence in their Force-time or inclination to deal with these issues yourself, you can always seek legal assistance to the professionals. Financial expenses in this case will be far less than the costs of damages. If consider that the legal costs of representation under the law shall be reimbursed the loser, then sue – it is very useful.

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