In this sense, the negligence constitutes a real obstacle, as happens, for example, when someone is more worried about pleasing others that by complying with their duties, in which case, rather than oppose low efficiency, do more encourage him to do. People who feel uncomfortable with confrontation and anger also have resistances to assume a resolute attitude when the occasion requires it. This kind of incompetence can manifest itself in something so common as in not to assume the reins of a meeting and let it go adrift rather than actively directing it towards the key issues of the agenda. Another deficiency of leadership lies in the inability to display clear and firm, with which the workers do not end to understand what is expected of them exactly. Thus, one of the traits distinctive of the energetic leader is the ability to say no in a way clear and resounding.

Another is to define adequately high performance or quality standards and insist that he comply, exposing even publicly the degree of effectiveness of each of the people involved in the case that you need. The leader not should ignore the failure and the error but it should take the opportunity to provide a useful stimulus. And in the case that, while this, someone’s performance remains very poor, it must face the situation in an open and sincere way inside – the art of leadership does not consist of typically assume a tone hard, but the ability to establish the initial emotional climate to influence others. The hard style is not a sign of strength but, rather, of weakness. The ability to be direct and maintain control of power is one of the distinctive traits of the mature leader. The situation is formal of the person in the organizational chart of a company and its role as leader are not always comparable, because on occasions where someone can serve provisionally as the virtual leader and meet any specific need, which can be something as simple as helping someone to amend an error and terminate then fading in the bosom of the group.