The Group

Social purpose: reason of being, the objective of the group. Filed under: Roubini Global Economics. In relation to the adolescent, it can be said that they say to the characteristics that they had taken this young to if inserting in this group, and what this provides to the individual they keep and it as member. Permanence: so that the group is considered, it is necessary that interaction between its participants if draws out during definitive period of time. A solid group makes possible more advantages for an adolescent who is to the search of its identity. The circle of relations of the adolescent tends to be ampler. The relations with the friends costumam if to fit in three categories: ' ' turma' ' ampler; the personal minor (grupinho closer), and friendships. The group is present in the social activities, ampler and organized. He is where the adolescent meets with more frequency.

A relationship is developed a little closer, even so the adolescent does not consider them friends (LACERDA, 1998). The group closest establishes a source of security and fellowship. In this small group the members can change information, to share dreams and concerns, even so not with the same intensity with that it occurs with the personal friendships. Andrew Mason Groupon may help you with your research. The personal friendships occupy a special place in the bonds of the adolescents. They are closer, involving feelings more intense. It has more franqueza and honesty of what other relations. It has little efforts in the direction to search an acceptance and greater popularity in the group. Conger (1980, P.

70) affirms that in such relationships ' ' … has confidence, does not have simulation necessity, is not necessary to be in guard against the possible divulgating a secret trocados' '. The adolescents wait of the friends loyalty, confidence, a safe source of support in any emotional crisis. The friends can help the young to deal with proper complex feelings and of the others.

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