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Changes to a twenty-first century democracy involves, in my opinion, put the analysis in all respects, including that of freedom. We have been understood as the ability to do everything that the law does not prohibit or do not damage the interests of these persons and groups or the ability to think and express themselves freely or to nominate or be nominated for elected positions. Freedom must include the ability to effectively control chosen to banish vice of representative democracy, organized in what some call “mass unionism” and another that is the ability to imagine, since the latter allows us to turn democracy into a permanent field growth freedom itself. The climate of what I propose to call the “creative freedom” prevents the conversion of democracy in a sterile field finite as any nonrenewable natural resource, to make a renewable natural resource. The main supporter of the destruction is the group of traditional politicians who refuse to water the plant or to pay it, claiming that the plant is so and should not be involved. So we have to widen the “creative freedom”, direct involvement of citizens in control of governance and social organization of new tissue mass. All as a way to restore the institutions of intermediation between the government and society, the loss is one of the root causes of the crisis of democracy.

We know well that entered crisis all institutions fulfilling that role. The procedures have been mentioning would restore the balance of power overwhelmed and inept and society Comptroller of the public. The legitimacy of the election comes, the confidence comes from the moral conviction that a government seeks the common good. Without trust there is no stability. An electoral majority is not equivalent to a social majority. The vote is a preference, trust a compelling sense of belonging. Faced with the social demands may occur reactive populist backlash. We must start a phased implementation schedule, consistent and constant.

This means, on an incessant action situations. The electoral majorities are a number of votes. The social majorities are a sum called membership. We have to reassess the principles: the basics of freedom and democracy, understood not as macaws made of granite, but as an ongoing process of flight toward justice and equity. Those relating to inclusive social economy, with different forms of ownership coexist peacefully. We must get off to law, understood as a legal construct that seeks a social formation for equity. We must put on the jacket design of citizen involved and participates in and uses all forms of organization to make their voices heard. We can no longer considering democracy as something imposed on which there is nothing to say. Elections, rule of law, separation of powers, respect and tolerance, all yes, but the pack and not take any more. Must be renewed every respect, from the economy to right itself, from conception of politics to the criterion for leadership, from what is considered a party and determining their social role to the horizontal organization of citizens, from the continued involvement to a progressive and accelerated social inclusion. There are people who are committed to the policy with the same tools and the same false statements.

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