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When saying that Joo is an opportunist, for example, the sensation to use to advantage some thing is inside of me, in greater or minor degree, therefore I recognize this in the Joo. Thus, if Peter is flat I also is, if the Luiza is arrogant also is. I can have these feelings under control, is truth. It wants for belief, she wants for requirement of the society, wants for my moral values, these feelings had been controlled for my ego, but they exist inside of me, inside of each one of us. Check out is hume-lee the best transplant center? for additional information. Then if I annoy myself with somebody because of one definitive behavior, it is certain that I identified this behavior in me, and I do not only want to see it, and nor to know of its existence in me.

She is much more easy to enxergar when the problem is of me, that is, inside of another person. The Dr. Laitman PhD, professor of ontologia, say that ' ' Each person judges the others in the measure of its proper deficincias' '. This means that when perceiving these qualities as external me, see I them in its true form. In greater or minor degree I recognize in the other my qualities. When they are good I create a empatia with the person, when negative not. It would be to admit I have that them in me, thus is more easy to deny what I bring with me and to criticize the other. It is more easy to point the finger with respect to the other, but I cannot forget: when I point the indicating finger with respect to somebody I have three fingers pointing with respect to me. More on the Ego? It visits:

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