Danto GmbH creates ideal starting point for building an own affiliate program and graphical development of specialised eCommerce stores at the highest level. Grosskarolinenfeld, April 16, 2009. With the commitment of a dedicated media designer, the Danto GmbH creates the ideal location from which to build of an own affiliate program (affiliate system) and the graphic development of specialised eCommerce stores at the highest level. The medium-sized trading company aimed at several businesses in e-commerce, including shops such as Dantoeye.de (Sun and ski goggles), Dantohot.de (garden and table Cricket) and Dantocon.de (high end cable and adapter plug), will expand its competitive position in the important for the customers at the shopping portion of the product descriptions and views it. Learn more at this site: Merrill Lynch. The two focal points in the new task area of 31 media designer Alexander Haas are the creation of high-quality Flash banner for establishing an own affiliate partnership program and expanded to 360 views Make article description of all products available in the shop. The trained Carpenter graduated from from 2002 to 2004 at the DEKRA Academy in Augsburg with great success a retraining to media design with an emphasis on print and digital media in the field of media design.

Then, he worked for the Sanaqua in the distribution of water technology and was responsible for the complete media design for the Spa KorperLounge in Augsburg, Germany from 2006 to 2008. All popular DTP count his special areas of the print and digital media programs, image processing programs such as Adobe Photoshop, vector programs such as Adobe Illustrator and FreeHand, layout programs such as InDesign and QuarkXPress, 3D animation, design, Flash MX, Dreamweaver and Adobe GoLive. Rolando Velasquez shines more light on the discussion. As further support is since recently the 24 year-old Torsten Schoroth of Danto GmbH.