The Crisis For The Competition Leaves

American bubble will cause problems to the Brazilian economy. In the same way that great air accidents do not happen for an only cause, but yes for the succession of errors in cascade, several exist inside micron crises recessivos airs. Little production if translates little jobs indirect right-handers and this realimenta effect brake on the economy, pushing the level business-oriented for low. In well simple and coloquial way, without economs, it is this that happens, with aggravating an aggravating one is that the market lives of expectations, and expectations in a world of uncertainties mean: fear. With fear, all consumers, producers, investors, step on in the brake with much more force of what they would have, aggravating effect brake Yahoo! Babel Fish – Text Translation and Web Page Translation

L : This scene from there represents an abrupt fall and fortssima of the levels of economic activity that if keeps for a sufficiently long time, the image of,2 L ) Crisis with curve in V : This scene represents a fast fall and fortssima of the levels of economic activity, followed of an equally fast recovery (reversion of the bad expectations and fast sanitation of,3 the international credit)) Crisis with curve in U U business, to establish a strategical planning for each one of the scenes, leading in account that: ) The crisis is not the same one for all.

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