The Consequences

5. Value: It is the capacity to generate some I benefit stops somebody. They are the final results of the initiative that are valued by somebody. These results can be of financial nature or not. 6.

Commitment: It is to assume the responsibility and the consequences. 7. Risk: The capacity to accept the fact that the things can not leave as planned and that the error is a learning form. People who take calculated risks know to evaluate the benefits and they are not bothered in leaving the zone of when necessary comfort. Ahead of these seven elements are possible to conclude that any person can become an entrepreneur, is enough to be on in the innovations and to be made use to run risks and to exceed obstacles, is with force of will, perseverance and creativity that if can change the economy of a society, is through small great attitudes that the world if develops and the economy grows providing improvements in the quality of life of the citizens as a whole. 8 4.

IDENTIFYING CHANCES Perhaps one of biggest myths regarding new business-oriented ideas it is that they must be only. fact of an idea to be or only does not matter. What he matters is as the entrepreneur uses its idea, unknown or not, of form to transform it into a product or service that makes its company to grow. The chances are that generally they are only, therefore the entrepreneur can be some years without observing and using to advantage a chance to develop a new product, to gain a new market and to establish a partnership differentiates that it of its competitors. (DORNELAS, 2005, p.54) the identification of a chance is the first step for a person who wants to become an entrepreneur, for this it has that to know to differentiate idea chance.

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