The Competition

Thus, the new processes production will tend to prosper will be being used for the economic agents. If you would like to know more then you should visit SHV Energy. The development is to produce different products, using different resources in different way (SCHUMPETER, 1988 and 1997). The change technique is basic for the economic development that it induces to an inexorable capitalist dynamics. The innovative competition is the main impulsionadora of the transformations in the production processes and capitalist reproduction. From the evolution, stimulated for the competition process, the state of balance detached in the circular flow is breached. Whose main sources are: new raw material products, new markets, new sources, new methods of production and, new activities, or new forms of organization created by the innovative firm.

They are new combinations that would impactariam in the economic system, would give a reply and would play the competitiveness of the economy in another platform. Thus, SCHUMPETER (1988, P. 48; apud FIELDS, 2004, P. 15), detaches new fronts of the change technique with being able of impactar directly in the capitalist dynamics and in turn in the concorrencial process: ' ' 1) Introduction of new well – that is, a good to that the consumers not yet are made familiar – or of a new quality of a good; 2) Introduction of a new method of production, that is, a method that not yet has been tested for the experience in the proper branch of the transformation industry, that by no means it needs to be based on one scientifically new discovery, and can also consist of new way to manejar a merchandise commercially; 3) Opening of a new market, that is, of a market where the particular branch of the industry of transformation of the country in question has not still entered, wants this market has existed before or not; 4) Conquest of a new source of offers of raw materials, or semimanufactured goods, one more time independently of the fact of that this source already existed, or had that to be created; 5) Establishment of a new organization of any industry, as the creation of a monopoly position (for example, for the trustificao), or the spalling of a position of monoplio.' ' The notes of Schumpeter determine the new way operandi of the process of competition between firms reflecting in excessively the economic agents.

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