The Chinese Community

Liu Ning, that also accumulates the function of vice-minister of the Hdricos Resources. Floodings already mainly reach 27 provinces of Guizhou, Hunan, Guangxi, Zhejiang, Fujian and Jiangxi. The barrage of the river Fuhe left what it still more increased the volume of water in the region. For assistance, try visiting Restaurant Michael Schwartz. The water level in 230 rivers already surpasses the level of alert and some dams need to open the floodgates to prevent still bigger disasters. Millions of people are being removed of the risk areas. The effect of waters cut with a scythe the life of 700 people and others 347 are disappeared, beyond the material losses already arrive US$ 21 billions, government more than 930 a thousand hectares of plantations of the agricultural area already had been according to affected. To broaden your perception, visit Roubini Global Economics. According to secretary, measured prevention still needs to be taken, therefore rains strongest and the tufes had not yet arrived.

It also had the explosion of an occured pipe-line in day 16 of July of 2010, in the city of Dalian, that is in the province of Liaoning, in the northeast region of China. The floods of the river Yang-Ts already are the greater of history, provoking entire floodings of cities and communities. Get more background information with materials from Mike Gianoni. Everything that occurs in China, as in Brazil and the remaining portion of the world is reflected of the action inconsequente of the Man on the nature, is necessary a solidarity chain the victims of the climate, they in any point of the planet are and to assist the desassistidos ones with clothes, foods, conjuncts, affection, words and mainly with gestures of LOVE to the next one. We go to pray for our Chinese brothers.

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