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And finally I would like to explain a little bit which is a survey. Because it is nothing more than give you opinion by means of a survey, which should be very sincere as it is an evaluation about a product in particular and of which a company is interested in knowing which will be your host for the public consumer, which we are us, and such company is willing to pay thousands of dollars or not exaggerating millionsto know if your product or service will be our acceptance, and thus save losses after bring them to market. And now if, finally, after hours, days, months of reading and read carefully, looking for the best information on this subject, I decided to host some pages that seem to me, they are the best, and if you want to start working on this theme, I present them to you as an excellent option. they are as follows: miss this, although some are in English, in fact the better paying are in that language and I leave here the best, check it and remember that the translator will work by thee! SURVEY 1. SIMPLY: Excellent in Spanish 2 SURVEY. PAGE in English you can use google translator to translate texts. 3 SURVEY.VERY, very good to enter to the website click on: create a free account…google translator. Original author and source of the article

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