In numerous opportunities I have had the opportunity to attend meetings in which they raise the projects to us of CRM and first that consult to us it is what software is the one that we offer. Many of the equipment of CRM project are dedicated to investigate subjects of software and technology, forgetting that CRM really is a strategy of businesses of a form conduct operations with a special center in the relations with the client. We see some considerations that, I create are important: 1. The CRM projects are not solely the technology implementation: It is continued thinking that to implement a CRM strategy it consists of acquiring or renting a computer program and to assign to the department of systems so that it installs and it puts into east operation program. This it is the worse error than a company can commit, since it will be hurling to the sweepings a considerable money and will enter a strong wearing down, adding a new project of systems in the portfolio of those failures undertaken by this areas, without having they it fault of the same.

A project or initiative is not of technology, is not responsibility of the system area of information and is not a subject that simply will do magic once installed. CRM is an initiative of businesses that entails a change in the form as the company works. The technology is only a habilitador to support a greater productivity on the part of the people and of the processes that support the management facing the client. The main thing in a CRM strategy is to align the processes of business and the people who take part in them so that a fundamental change of the strategy of businesses is obtained towards an organization Centered in the Client.

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