The ImpostosQual the purpose of the public agencies? So that the city halls exist, fruns, the chambers of councilmen? What they make the Public prosecution service and the advice to tutor? the same questions could be applied the state and federal agencies Which is its purpose? It is evident that you will answer that the public entities exist to give services to the population. Get more background information with materials from the restaurateur. All citizen has right to the public services, after all of accounts these institutions and agencies alone exist because the citizens exist. more still, they exist because the citizens pay taxes. Ah! taxes! Hum! Sad drama of the society human being. Sad drama not only because we have that to pay the taxes, but for depending on the public services. This is a drama that attacks our society, but its roots if spread over history. Since the times oldest, or better saying, since that the figure of the State exists, it exists the leprosy of the taxes and the worms that survive of its exploration.

E thus population, that diuturnamente is attacked with the collection of the taxes, suffers with the dependence of the public services, therefore the rendering entities of the public services are divorced those that are the reason of its existence. The paid citizen taxes and with this becomes deserving of the public services. But in this if manifest the problem: when the citizen needs the public service perceives that emso it is not accessible or, when it has access, it perceives that is an inefficient service, of quality doubtful. this occurs, in way general, not because the public server is imcompetent person, inefficient, relapsing, unprepared. either there let us want as it to call. It is good for detaching that most of the time the public server also is a victim of the system by means of which if becomes public server.

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