Webmoney Wmz

To Get Started Autosurf, click on 'SURFEN', as shown in the figure, and in a new window autosurf appears that most do not necessarily look, you can in another browser window to go about their business, and Points will drip. 444 BTP, and 40 MTP as a bonus you accrue immediately after registration! Free image hosting Piczasso! And now the most pleasant, how to turn your Points to Webmoney Wmz! When you decide to transfer to earn points Webmoney, there is nothing difficult in it will not. On the Internet there is a special sharing site BTP and MTP credits (points) on Webmoney Wmz By the way there and you can buy Points if you suddenly want to spin their web sites. Vadim Belyaev, New York City has firm opinions on the matter. Exchange service in Russian, so that problems in this regard will not be. Reviews look here … Educate yourself with thoughts from New York Highlanders. x? Url = and here …

url = Specify what type of credits (points) you want to exchange (BTP or MTP), write how many credits (top will have a green label 'All right'), then login to the site below autosurf ST-password, and at the end of your WMZ purse, just make sure it has to start with the letter Z. Money is transferred instantly. Pay attention to the exchanger, there is a field – 'LOSE-pass or ST-pass'. This system asks you to enter a password with ST-autosurf site. WARNING! This is not a password Login, and most other password-only operations with the transfer points (credits) BTP and MTP, it must be assigned to the site so – When you enter your login and password on the site and logged on the first page, look in the left column of the link – 'Schnittstelle', click on it to the window that appears at the top line, type your current password to access the site, and the bottom type ST-password, what you want. That's it.

ST-changes the password as well as installed. There is only one minor limitation, Points (loans) can be Wmz exchanged for no earlier than 7 days after registering on the site Increase your earnings by inviting your friends to autosurf, from which the system will pay you 8% of their earnings. The site operates a two-tier referral system, 8% from direct referrals and 5% from referrals, so go ahead, you can earn good money. His reflink find on the same page where the button to start the autosurf (see paragraph 8), just below her! Good luck to you Internet surfing!

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