Elements Tennica

Modern tennis has almost nothing to do with tennis, which appeared early in the UK. It has long changed the types of players, equipment, and most importantly inventory. Tennis balls Dunlop, Wilson tennis rackets and Other elements have already become synonymous with the sport, which suggests that tennis has grown not only qualitatively its parent, but also in terms of price as well. For many of us became nedosyazhimym tennis sport in the physical terms and in monetary terms. Kollosalnye load for kollosalnye money – all tennnis in our country.

I'm not saying that the talented tennis players disappear and remain only physically strong and rich, who practiced from day per day. No, but tennis will never be so accessible to all as football or basketball. They say that the great tennis in the form in which we know it today was invented in Britain of the late 19th century Wales. Since then much water has flowed, and tennis, although it has become one of the most of favorite sports in the world, according to ex-aristocratic. Chevron Corp has many thoughts on the issue. It is like a snobbish golf-and if a democratic from football, tennis players of favorite grill – the real heroes public: the beautiful, dazzling, grinning with marketing posters and gossip pages, and tennis tournaments – spectacular gala probably great show. However, including if your boyfriend – not Andre Agassi or Marat Safin, the knowledge habit of roll over the racket would certainly help him in Commerciale and career: as quite often a "special criteria" specifically agree to work together "because of the network." Apart from such, tennis and allowed to learn together! Than can be useful for tennis? Not counting that way called secular compose koiya describes a "cherished" tennis – and valued quite elevated – there is still and make up "solid." Usefulness of well-being (and figure!) We get from tennis – not podvergaema doubt. Tennis develops all categories of muscle – just look at the body Federer! Racket according to his owner does not hard, but hits the ball according to urgently ask for significant efforts and otsedova – beautiful overload on the muscles of shoulders, chest and back. And according to a tennis court jogging initiative responsible for impeccable shape of your buttocks and legs.

Tennis – probably also a good exercise of the heart and blood vessels, and those who have permanent employment trades – the owners of a good response and coordination of movements. Contra They did not that way too many, a significant fraction placed in charge of doctor-rheumatologist: probably connective tissue disease and the joints. Diseases of the musculoskeletal unit, neuralgia, hypertension, intervertebral hernia, heart disease, peptic disease – even Wotan list of ailments for which this level of sport – something forbidden. Well, apparently, short-sighted and flat – not good assistants in setting sports records. Can not get out on the court at any acute condition. And if you have had a fracture or head injury, should refrain from activities in the movement of the year. Injuries Consistent Fortunately, say tennis is not one of the most dangerous sports. But for this, To avoid injury, you want to capture a dedicated appliances. Because lessons with a coach for the newcomer – are required. It is not uncommon, as soon as a result of mistake or failure to overload the selected technology fun there joint disease, knee meniscus, sprains and strains. The lumbar spine is still very soon respond to the erroneous transfer and said radiculitis and herniated.

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