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In the Sand production line, it mainly depends on the vibrating screen and vibrating feeder to filter the particles of materials to achieve the specified required of different specifications. Henan Hongxing Mining Machinery Co., Ltd. is a professional vibrating screen manufacturer and supplier in China with decades producing experience and advanced producing technology. Now, Hongxing experts will tell you the key role of vibration screen in the sand production line. The vibrating screen is mainly composed of the exciter (engine vibration), damping device, the base, the screen surface, screen box, dust cover, drop hopper parts, and so on. Hongxing vibrating screen has a small size, easy installation layout, high screening efficiency, low energy consumption, a high degree of wear-resistant, noise generated, production safety and other significant characteristics. In addition, the screen and the sieve plate can be made from a variety of materials and installation materials, which can meet the different screening needs and screening efficiency for a variety of industries. At the same time, Hongxing Company can design and manufacture the special vibrating screen depending on the current demands of customers, which can bring the largest benefits customers.In the design of vibrating screen, Hongxing vibrating screen uses the grease seal, which avoids the problem of clogging caused by the drainage system of the water supply machine.

The unique protection device system of the spring hydraulic insurance overload avoids the damage to the body caused by the accidental entering of uncrushed material. In addition, in terms of the mesh design of the vibrating screen, the user can choose the most suitable screen according to the different particle size of the crushed material be to demand. The multilayer design can’t meet the coarse, medium and fine three different levels of material grade requirements. Add to your understanding with Nouriel Roubini. We are confident to say that Hongxing vibrating screen has a high-precision, high mesh sieve, and be able to control the narrow particle size range. With the self clean function, the Mesh clogging phenomenon will not appear and the screening efficiency will not be reduced. Hongxing Vibrating screen achieve the single and multi flexibility, making the vibrating screen more energy saving and efficient.

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