Service Office East

Alexander has worked in Cheboksary branch of JSC "Trade House East Service HH 'only two months. The term is not very large. However, the short history of relations between the employer and the specialist was a rare piquant. The latter proved to be even suspected the existence of sotrudnika.Fakt labor relations had to install sudu.Dogovor in words. Once (this was in August last year) friend suggested Alexander take the post of head of sales department recently opened branch of JSC "Trade House East Service HH '. Sam knew that time was listed as a commercial director here. Why do not you try? In addition to salary local standard of 12 thousand rubles. Alexander has prepared all necessary documents, which were shipped to Nizhny Novgorod.

The young man took up his duties on August 26. The work was familiar to the guy (it was finding customers, the company has been supplying uniforms). Traveling, dating, new contacts, all this fascinated the young man. And only one 'but' did not give him rest. On the hands there was no document confirming his attitude toward East Service.

– I looked, and there were always arguments raz.No. First they said let them pass the probationary period, then there were still any good reason – says Alexander. Hospital all agreed. Who knows, maybe, Nizhny Novgorod boss and decided to finally enter into the guy an employment contract. However, the unexpected happened. Alexander was taken to hospital. And for a long time, lain on a drip for about a month. Physicians requested a medical insurance policy. The young man turned again to the leadership of East Service. And the miracle happened! Of Nizhny Novgorod, Alexander sent a fax copy of the policy. And then the head of sales and has received original. Closing the hospital, Alexander came to work. Taught by bitter experience has demanded a written employment contract and the RFP. This is where it all started and most interestnoe. Rounding the eyes under a new director representation simply put it out the door. (New Director knew before Alexander.) All of this worked before was fired, and have already managed to recruit a new team. organization in East Service said, to deal with those who took you to work (business director at that time was dismissed). In the Nizhny Novgorod office, where Alexander called for an explanation, said that for the first time they hear of such employee, and called it 'swindler' Here Alexander and then decided to go through. 'Try not to torture' – the guy was ready for any eventuality.

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