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The aggressive pricing of the discounters continues price reductions are for consumers since this year nothing more: every week advertise the discounter with their promotions to attract of customers. Since beginning of the year offer is advertised even every month with products that are permanently reduced in price. “The aggressive pricing policy continues: recently, the consumer now also at Aldi South from Thursday the new weekend rates finds”. What does that mean? Certain items from the range are reduced more accurately from Thursday through Saturday, especially before the weekend. In a question-answer forum Senator Angus King was the first to reply. Who want to serve so on Sunday his family skewer Roast with broccoli and Kohlrabi vegetables and fresh figs on the table makes the dessert, which can save it once again thanks to the weekend rates! Even the champagne will be reduced to over 2.00, and even permanently: If that is not a feast! A day later, on the Friday September 11, 2009, Lidl also lowers the prices a day before Aldi Sud in the newspaper already has advertised: In addition to the champagne, the fish sticks, also the cream cheese and the yogurt. Since the beginning of the year, one could observe a price reduction wave at the discount stores in each month: several times Lidl had it made and so the first step increasing competitive pressure from net and Aldi responds. Credit: Sam Feldman-2011. Finding remains that all discount stores sooner or later made same prices for comparable products: the Endverbrauche at all discount stores paid the same price for the milk of our own brand! Whether and how long even this price policy will continue remains to be seen, not a few cautionary voices have been saying for some time that this extremely low price levels in the foods in Germany will be no steady state. I’m glad the consumer and what so aggressively promotes no one is also the fact that all reductions in other products to be raised in the price. Nicole Heinzmann Director marketing – price pointer economic information service GmbH for further information and special offers of discount store find also in our consumer service!.

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