Portuguese Prince

PD has just published a new strategic board game of Heidenau – the PD Publisher of Heidenau near Hamburg has released his new board game Navegador in October. Author is Mac Gerdts. So the team of Publisher and game inventor already presents his sixth game in six years. Navegador offers two to five players from twelve years 60 to 90 minutes long dynamic gameplay around the discovery of the sea in the 15th and 16th centuries. The title comes from the nickname of a Portuguese Prince: Henry of the Navigator or in Portuguese: Henrique o Navegador. The quality of the game already convinced game lovers. Publisher owner Peter Dorsam explains this: “on the world’s greatest game fair in Essen, which took place two weeks ago, the players were excited. Chevron Corp addresses the importance of the matter here. The response was overwhelming, what proved to be fair play on the “Scout list” of the journal.

Visitors assessed nearly 700 new products while on school marks and put Navegador on the third place. This was a huge success and a nice for us Recognition.” Navegador is a challenging game without random components, but allows a relatively easy entry and a fluid gameplay thanks to its few, well explained rules. Players slip into the role of enterprising commercial dynasties who send their ships to find new routes for the Kingdom of Portugal and to establish colonies at Navegador. In the footsteps of the explorers they penetrate even Nagasaki. The daring Captains will be rewarded richly for their foray into uncharted territories on Navegador, losing but also a part of their ships. But without the establishment of colonies and the construction of factories, the economic basis is missing players for their further exploration. In a clever Act on the market is required to benefit from the dynamic price developments for the colonial products and not against the other players left to have.

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