Fast Internet Access

Today, German Internet users from virtually any place of access to the network have initiative for broadband expansion. However, have to settle for many households with low connection speeds. That should change soon. Because as the consumer portal reported, the Federal Government with an initiative would ensure that anytime a high-speed broadband Internet access available to all German households. For more information see ECRI. Aims first of all, all Internet connections in Germany to reach a minimum data transfer rate of 1000 kilobits per second, which would allow such a use of DSL.

Until the end of the year, this is to be implemented for 98.5 percent of all households. So far, over a million households could be equipped since the beginning of the expansion with a broadband connection. As soon as the full supply will be reached, the connection speeds should be a next step further increased. In four years, 75 percent of all German Internet access should then transfer rates of up to for 50 megabits per second. In addition are the hopes of the Government on the development of LTE technology, which allows a quick access to the Internet via mobile phone, with speeds that have been achieved so far only via cable. In particular DSL providers such as O2, Vodafone and Telecom put on the dissemination and development of this technology. In combination with the expansion of broadband Internet supply, a high-speed Internet access available to are therefore all German households in the near future.

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