Spring Styles Minimalism

Eyebrows and if you want to obscure soft brown pencil, thin prorisovyvaya strokes each strand. Light shade of pastel shades and color – brown, blue, blue and even green – ink emphasize eye color and give vitality and cunning look. Emphasis is made on the length, but not on volume of eyelashes. Slightly transparent lipstick or lip gloss – and impeccable make-up is complete! Colors of Spring Natural Spring fresh warm tones are effectively highlighted the bright, natural, warm, soft colors shades. For Women Spring suit gentle, clear, and bright colors muted and the awakening of nature from its winter sleep. May green, apple green, yellow-green, peach, apricot, salmon color, a warm coral red, white wool, camel ginger, milk chocolate, golden beige, aquamarine, light blue, pale purple, silvery blue, cornflower, poppy flowers, warm pink, sunny yellow.

Spring can only wear light and bright orange! But the bright-white, pure black and gray-blue wear is not recommended. The intensity of the color palette depends on whether bright or saturated colors characteristic of a spring. Thus, can distinguish two subtypes – lighter and darker Vesnu.til Spring Styles Minimalism you to face! The simpler the style, the elegant look. Clean lines emphasize the silhouette, thin and light-colored cloth bright spring palette the best way set off the natural freshness and enthusiasm of Women of Spring. Good things will look sporty and trouser suits. Avoid harsh contrasts and obsessive-compulsive patterns. No frills, intentionally, abundance of drama and details! The secret of the extraordinary appeal of Spring – a combination of rigor and fragility, looseness and informality.

Jewelry Spring Accessories and jewelry should not be too much. Women tsvetotipa spring must be selected accessories that are suited to the color of their warm, golden color, and style and material underlined its delicacy and transparency. The thinner and finer texture of materials, used in accessories and jewelry, the more attractive warm color palette of spring. Golden skin tone is combined with yellow and reddish gold, copper or bronze ornaments. Natural wood, coral, amber, Topaz, shells products yellowish horns and ivory are also beautifully suited as pearl cream or golden. Eye color highlighted blue and turquoise crystals. Earrings, necklaces, bracelets, rings women very rare spring tsvetotipa should be gentle and subtle, elegant look and a bright, sophisticated and stylish. Feminine and unique style make it the Spring decorating!

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