Google Trends

Many of you already know this tool from Google, called Google Trends, whereby you can access the searches most terms used in the search. Their results are visible to different areas of the world and different languages, and can be used individually, i.e., for a single term, or by comparison, using various search terms. Often this tool is used by professionals in positioning, by its more than obvious contribution to the knowledge of what matters in each place and language, and the terms used for this purpose. Of course that if Google Trends is capable of offering us the most used search terms, among the most common mistakes, that as human beings, we tend to commit to using the search engine, they also appear while typing, or due to ignorance of the search term. (imobiliaria, lirycs, youtuve, etc) However, among all those words or terms that we use, there is one that I fail to understand the path that follows if We look at the history and its increasing frequency of search. The term is gogle. Why Search gogle Google?

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