All the changes which our children face generate doubts and anxieties to us. One of them is the passage of the cradle to the bed. We wondered ourselves when it would have to be, if it implies some danger for our son, etc. we have some suggestions Here that can help us in the taking of this decision. After the baby begins to take his first steps, she will much more undergo a great freedom of movements, which will be reflected in a greater curiosity by other things and other places of the house, until arriving at the point to be able to only leave he its cradle. It is therefore its development which will drive the change to him of the cradle to the bed. A change that, as a rule, both usually takes place to or two year and a half, or when the boy feels that the cradle no longer has as much space so that he falls asleep and he stretches.

Many children, especially those that have brothers majors, even usually take this great step before both years, by simple desire to imitate their older brother. Other children, on the contrary, although they like to be in great beds like the one of their parents, and even accept the idea to go away to sleep in a bed only for him, resist to leave the cradle. That is a very normal reaction. In our store BANANA we offer cradles that even become beds and beds of transition, which is a very good option for this stage. At the time of choosing the bed for your son, there are diverse options, but it is important to consider some advice for his security, like for example: that the bed does not have pointed corners that can make damage to the boy, who in the bed can be placed a railing in one or its two lateral ones, to avoid that the boy runs the risk of falling and that enters the bed and the mattress is not spaces where the boy can tighten a hand or a foot.

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