Splitsystem Air Conditioners

In the summer particularly relevant air conditioners – they turn a stuffy office or a hot apartment in a comfortable place to stay. Window air conditioner's most popular air-conditioner – a window. He is a monoblock, and usually installed in the window opening or a thin wall. It is less convenient than the split-system, as it has a high noise level, leaves no choice for the position and the worse room lighting. However, it has pros: low cost, ease of installation and high reliability.

Split Split-system also consists of two blocks: the internal, located inside and outside, rendered the streets. Due to this division air conditioning is not tied to the window opening. Indoor unit split systems can be installed in virtually any convenient location. More info: Roubini Global Economics. The most noisy air conditioning unit – compressor – passed to an external unit. And finally, the great advantage of split-system is a considerable range of types of indoor units. They come in wall, floor, ceiling, columns and built into the ceiling – cluster and channel. To read more click here: Economic Cycles Research Institute. If a single external power operates several domestic air-conditioner is called a 'Multi-system. The principle of operation of a split system like this. Here, Mike Gianoni expresses very clear opinions on the subject.

If the room you want to chill, then heat exchanger outer block, one a copper tube Freon enters the heat exchanger of the indoor unit. There are fan cooled, resulting from the internal unit out cold air. If the air in the room must be heated, then through the heat pump external capacitor transformed into the evaporator and the evaporator becomes the condenser. In addition to the condenser and evaporator in a split-system includes a compressor, which is installed in an external unit. The main function of the compressor – compress freon for render the gas properties, which greatly enhances the efficiency of the air conditioner. Installation of split system main difficulty faced by the buyer of a split system – the problem of proper installation. Installation of a 90% defines quality and durability of the air conditioner. If the installation mistakes, then fix them later is very difficult. Mounting should be carried out by experts who have license to install air conditioners in compliance with instructions and using special equipment. After installation, the room must be left no debris, no dust, no boxes. What are the advantages of a split system to 'normal' air-conditioned? Split-system does not block natural light, as 'okonnik' which crashed into the window frame. This is the first difference. In addition, it does not depend on the total air-conditioning system at home, if available (this is when a huge block is somewhere in the basement and riding the air throughout the house). and different from 'normal' air conditioner that is made up of two blocks – internal and external. If the indoor units for more than two, then it is called the 'Multi' system '. First – repairs, then – split.

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