The Island Of Aphrodite – Cyprus

Spring is the perfect season for a vacation on Cyprus which move temperatures in a pleasant area and ideally suited to explore the Mediterranean island. The online travel agency introduces the island of Aphrodite as a tourist destination with Sun 340 days in the year. In the off-season, the island is not too crowded and tourists have spoilt for choice regarding the hotels in Cyprus. Lodging in their environment are interesting sights is most practical. According to Lakshman Achuthan , who has experience with these questions. Everything under the sign of Aphrodite is in Cyprus.

The goddess of love and beauty should be increased at Petra of tou Romiou in the southwest of the island between the rocks out of the sea. In the port city of Pafos and its surroundings, tourists learn more about the cult of the goddess as well as about the island and its culture. Under most conditions cornell capital would agree. In the Archaeological Park of Pafos ancient mosaics are on display. One of the most famous is the self-satisfied, narcissus. Also enjoy visitors in Pafos culinary delights.

People who like it colorful and lively, can in one Restaurant port district of the city. Different typical dishes meet vacationers at a Meze. It includes up to 30 small dishes such as moussaka, a type of casserole with minced meat, or baked potatoes and feta cheese. Those who want to discover the country and its people away from the typical tourist places, Ktima is advisable for the upper town of Pafos, where mostly locals meet visitors in the taverns and narrow streets.

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