New Technologies

Today is unable to speak of efficiency or novelty if there is an application and correct use of modern technology, and can ensure that ICTs have today the effective response to the hand. In this article will be primarily a definition of ICT, explaining this products and processes that are part of the same. He is, moreover, a study of the main positive and negative impacts of these new technologies in educational systems. It is no less true, as he has been said so far, that ICTs are of incalculable importance for the development of the current society, but not everything works well, shortcomings were detected as a result of poor distribution of new technologies between the different sectors of society. With regard to this in this article, in addition to analyzing all the positive aspects that have the TICs, also performs a critical analysis of the negative effects that have when they are not used efficiently and equitably, explaining the main problems or brake that hinder its wider dissemination among all the activities and social layers. INTRODUCTION?N now speaks of a great technological development, particularly in areas of information technology and telecommunications, demonstrating that this is the era with greater speed of evolution of all those that we have known. This accelerated technological development has given rise to new technologies of information and communication (NTIC either may refer as ICT), which are flooding the referential world of the human being, to the time that you they are helping to conquer knowledge and actions that only yesterday seemed inaccessible but, in the same way, you are conditioning and forcing adaptations and reframes in all orders of its existence.

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