Showering & bathing at any time regardless take a shower in the bathtub with door – lifting cushion optional (now or later to upgrade) – new possibilities of bad professional Frank Weiss Olpe in the bathroom renovation & bathroom renovation and bathe “it but selbstverstandllich”, so you’d think. Unfortunately this does not apply to long for everyone. Elderly people in the second half of life, but also people with disabilities, after surgery, timid or feeble people would only too happy to wish this self-evident. Just when the soothing bath to relieve pain or symptoms, prevents the high, sometimes wet deck it and represents a Parry for some. The daily body care safely and comfortably in recent years numerous innovative solutions on the market have come that causally ensure that eliminates the obstacles and barriers and is possible to use the shower and the tub at any time for each. The bad user enters the DuschenBadenWanne with entrance door (from 8 mm ESG tempered safety glass) almost ground level floor showering and bathing.

Climbing over the edge this eliminates a risk of an accident. Small bathroom – 1 m m space saved by clever combination In the small bathroom space is tight, this clever combination tub saves a lot of space. This can be used as open space, for storage, for a stool, a plant or something similar. Shower and bathing combined means at the same time, that one is a large, full shower (0.90 x 0, 75mtr. up to approx.

1.30 x 1mtr.) and also a nice large bath can be used. By the way, the shower bath combination has also the advantage that man a total of 9 Accessories 1 x instead of 2 x required positions, e.g. fittings, processes, bath racks, bath feet, mounting, etc. The bathtub is lower than the “normal” sinks, because she can afford it due to almost ground level door cutting.

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