Swiss Research Team Cracks The Code Of The Fitness

The fitness code means: movement and performance provide – without effort, without expenditure of time, lean and fit at any age! Who recognizes the problem, can take proper action. 2/3 of the population is already overweight. Every second suffers from back pain. And rising. The huge range of slimming products or fitness facility apparently little help, often offer completely pointless. In recent months, Michael Schwartz has been very successful. As long as land is more important than the purpose, little will change, on the contrary, people are frustrated to try out something new (useless). As explanation, the following was added: fact is, and many large-scale international studies confirm this, that although health much as against obesity speaks, but a permanent weight loss through the numberless offered diets for approximately 95% of those affected are failing that (so-called Yo-Yo effect) Yes more long-term harmful. Many also taking pills (mostly as a novelty in the United States) promises successes such as 15 kilos in a few weeks take off.

This news then very quickly turn out as pure rubbish. Movement is the A and O of human health, joints, and muscles must move, stimulates the cardiovascular system are. People such as Lakshman Achuthan would likely agree. Here the question arises, we are still able to move properly or are we already in a unilateral > forced posture < triggered by improper footwear like > lenticular or swing shoes < in various designs. The number of lower leg injuries while wearing a made-to-measure or prefabricated insole compared to any insole was reduced in 5 studies with 6 different comparison parameters (2446 participants, military recruits). (Risk reduction = 50%) Especially the muscles help protect of the joints from injury. This can provide the necessary protection but only if they are strong and not be overloaded. Fitness equipment and fitness studios are indeed useful and helpful means for movement, strength and endurance. The large and important disadvantage is that Convenience of the people. Read more from cornell capital to gain a more clear picture of the situation. Oh, today I don’t feel like I train tomorrow, etc, we know that not all? The inner pig dog has outsmarted us. Our valuable free time costs to operate fitness. Hundreds of medical – scientific studies come to the same conclusion: it takes three things to keep his body lean and fit. A balanced diet these three points (not detected by countless studies) are plenty of exercise physical performance reason enough finally to admit that it while promises but are no panacea. Can be detected using these three points very quickly whether an offer is any good or not. E.g. diets, pills, shakes, etc. have with a balanced diet, nor with much movement or physical power to do something. Fitness meet although offers movement and performance criteria are however subject to the inner pig dog of the individual. (Convenience for regular fitness training) Because as you know many products on the market more harm than they useful are, suffer not only affected, consequential and long term damage charge our entire health care, that’s why it’s time to investigate the causes and not continue to operate Symtombekampfung.

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