For example: If you have a debt to pay and don’t have the money, ask yourself: what I want to instead? Response could be something like: * want to be financially free * in this step are giving a hard blow to your reality and are beginning to use the law of attraction to your advantage, in place concentrate on the problem, these taking a turn toward what you really would like to be living. This applies to any problems in your life, since I want to marry me, even my flowers do not germinate, the application is the same, only questioning you and thinks about what you really want in your life. 2.* You * you must change your approach, if you insist on concentrate on negative situations, your vibration will remain low. Focus your energy on having feelings of happiness, of relaxation, satisfaction, expects the best of life and do not doubt that he will come. During the development of your day, go autoevaluandote, how do you feel?, are you concentrandote on what you want? Are they positive thoughts and feelings? Words come out of your mouth? You must go by subtracting attention, every day, to all those problems, which keep you in a reality that you don’t want to, it starts to upload your personal vibration, when you feel uncomfortable, take a paper and write down how you feel, then start the blade and repeat already I do not want this in my life and get rid of him, burn him, arrugalo, whatever you want, but out of your life.

Speaking all the time of what you want, talk in positive, talks as if you were already living it, as if it were already a reality. Rodeate of the things that you want to have, you can create your own Blackboard with photos or phrases that will brighten your day. Get everything you enjoy, you can make a small list of activities that make you feel good, take a walk, read a book, listening to music, cooking, etc. Daily departs a time to simply make you feel good. 3.* * Free yourself of your doubts, if you feel that your desires are unreachable, you will never achieve them, so it will be, while you let it. It ceases to resist to a wonderful new reality and begins to make it yours. Perhaps check out Andrew Mason for more information. Why confine you in a dark room to mourn your sorrows if there is outside a splendid Sun that you want to give her strength?.

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